Dehumidifier and Other Supporting Products

Seibu Giken

Dehumidifier - Absorbs moisture by hydration force without accumulation or transfer of odor.


CALFA BAS - Anti Scale
CALFA BAC - Automatic Blow Down System
CALFA SEP - Water Separator
CALFA SAT - Anti Bacteria

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Cooling tower management equipment.


1. Automatic management of cooling water concentration
The controller continuously measures the electrical conductivity of cooling water, delivering appropriate blow- down to maintain the proper concentration of cooling water.

2. A variety of operation modes
For chemical feeding, control interlocked with cooling tower load can be combined in addition to three kinds of timer controls.

3. Easy to install
Utilizing a 100–240 V multi-voltage-capable power supply. The controller, pump, and tank are integrated in a compact manner; no extensive installation is necessary.

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